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Vision statement

I do believe many of us are aware how much shit is in the world and how our lives in many ways are con­trolled and affected by the cor­por­ate mas­ters and intox­ic­ated gam­blers at Wall St..

At the same time, a com­mon thing I hear from people is “there is not much we can do about it”, “it’s all too much” and more so “are my per­son­al actions going to help?”

So first and fore­most – drop the belief in your insig­ni­fic­ance. Drop it now. This is part of the pro­gram to dis­em­power us.

We all count, each an every one of actions count. Your small action, and my small action and togeth­er all the   small pieces of action become a big piece of action.

There is so much we can do, every day, every moment; be it by alter­ing our ways of think­ing, be it with our tan­gible actions in the world.

If you think there is noth­ing wrong with our rela­tion­ship to the earth and to each oth­er, then I dare say you are an idiot.

If you believe the way we run our soci­ety is fair, nor­mal and free then you must be a fas­cist, wor­ship­ping the likes of Mus­solini and Mr Bush.

If you know how fucked it is and you have lost hope for change, I call upon you to re-think, re-feel, re-dream your life.

And yes, the first thing to do is to dream… and dream big. We need to envi­sion with­in our being the world we want and stop focus­ing too much on the world we don’t want. In the lan­guage of today; we need to pro­gram a new oper­at­ing sys­tem for human­ity since the one we a run­ning is full of vir­uses… This said, it does mean that we aban­don res­ist­ance, not at all, though with our focus on the dream, the vis­ion, the world we know is our birthright –

Our res­ist­ance become more joy­ful, as the trust in our cre­ation is anchored in action.

So yes, we do boy­cott, and we do protest and we sign peti­tions, and we lobby and at the same time, we plant trees, we nur­ture gar­dens, we cre­ate com­munity, we drop as much as we can out of the fin­an­cial loop and cre­ate loc­al altern­at­ives for bar­ter­ing and exchange.

And last but not least, we make an effort to sup­port the less for­tu­nate. Ser­vice, giv­ing, volun­teer­ing is one of the surest ways to instant human empower­ment. God, God­li­ness, Spir­it, Uni­on, Enlight­en­ment – remain mere words when they are devoid of action!

We will list here our ideas of res­ist­ance, of affirm­at­ive action, of earth and social renew­al. Please see this as an open for­um and offer your ideas, con­tacts and vis­ions to be added and acknowledged.