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’ I Crow River ’ Book release





What’s a book? A nar­rat­ive? A story? Pos­sibly it’s just an excuse to share a dream, a vis­ion and a tool to fire up a revolu­tion in the hid­den pas­sages of our mind. Per­haps it is a pray­er that we do evolve into a spe­cies that actu­ally cares about each oth­er more then we desire to accu­mu­late ‘things’.
At last, I Crow River is out, ready to meet and greet you with a roar.
And sure, Nobi the Crow is in your face: to chal­lenge, to probe, to ask ques­tions, to make you won­der and per­haps wander.
It could be a stand-alone book since it really does not fit with­in any genre.
Both Fiction/non Fic­tions; an Ecological/ spiritual/ physical/ meta­phys­ic­al thrill­er, and of course, a love story as well.
I Crow River is avail­able now in digit­al format at all main dis­trib­ut­ors such as Amazon Kindle, iTunes book­store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker & Taylor and many more. It will take a couple more months before it’s avail­able on paper. And any­way, let’s try and save some trees. So if you have an e‑reader, go for the digit­al version.
You can also fol­low I crow River on Face­book and check for sample chapters, com­ments and the evol­u­tion of the vision:


If you like the book, if you learned some­thing from it, if it sup­por­ted or inspired you – let oth­ers know of your experience.
I Crow River is more than a book, it’s a move­ment of people who care and share, who dare to dream and have the cour­age to walk the journey.



Some years ago I was sit­ting on the banks of the river Ganga in a place called Rishikesh in north­ern India.
It’s a place that has always been a source of inspir­a­tion for me; you might call it a sac­red site or a power spot.
I had this idea to write a book based on some of my past work with sus­tain­ab­il­ity and organ­ics. The title was going to be Organ­ic Farm­ing for Fools.
After a week of sit­ting in front of my laptop, I couldn’t get past page one. It just felt stuck, even though I already had much of the mater­i­al ready.
Then one night I just gave up.
I walked out­side and sat by the river, enjoy­ing the calm­ing effect of flow­ing water and the light of an almost full moon.
Sud­denly I heard the river talk—no jok­ing, I heard her voice. Now any­one that knows me would vouch that I am quite a groun­ded per­son. Though that night the river did talk to me, and what she said was: “Start writ­ing, don’t worry about the book you were plan­ning to write, write the book I am going to give you.”
I went back to my room and com­menced typ­ing and it just flowed, one page after the oth­er. I nev­er knew what the story would be, what the next sen­tence would be, though I trus­ted it was coming—the river did say it would.
In a few weeks the whole story was there, though it took a couple more years to pol­ish the rough edges.
So this was the birth of I CROW RIVER, and I prom­ise to you, it wasn’t me, it was the river.


The Book

Into the night flies an eld­er crow speak­ing the voice of the earth moth­er. What takes place next is an epic jour­ney of the soul as human­ity and nature face one anoth­er in the form of the man nar­rat­ing the story and our bird tribe brother.
Page by page we wit­ness the unfold­ing of an extraordin­ary saga — from fear to love, from me to we, from a self-centered world to a uni­verse, which includes all liv­ing beings.

This book will ignite a spark of change in your heart.


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