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Season´s Greetings


Dear friends,

Xmas is upon us again. And all over the world people will cel­eb­rate the birth­day of Yeshua from Naz­areth.
‘I Crow River’ received a Christ­mas gift as well in the form of an endorse­ment and for­ward from His Holi­ness the Dalai Lama.
In essence Jesus’s mes­sage and the call in “I Crow River’ are one and the same, a mes­sage of true revolu­tion born of love and com­pas­sion.
I Crow River’ storyline , nar­rates a mes­sage of hope, urgency’ love and adven­ture..
It will chal­lenge, make you laugh and cry, ignite a fire in your heart and hope­fully inspire you to trans­form with­in and be an agent of change in the world.
So, go for it, get a copy for your­self or your friends, it might be the most mean­ing­ful gift you got this Christ­mas, and of course, don’t for­get to cel­eb­rate whatever you do.
You can get a paper­back or e-book from any online out­lets such as amazon and oth­ers or an e-book from this site.
Have a good one


The book, “I Crow River” by Jaman Tree,  is on  the need for caring for our plan­et, our only home.
It chal­lenges us to ques­tion  wheth­er we are doing all we can to avert the envir­on­ment­al cata­strophe unfold­ing before us.
I  agree  with  the author  and  feel  that  the  increas­ingly fre­quent  envir­on­ment­al  dis­asters  of recent  years  are  our moth­er earth´s warn­ing of what awaits us if we do not take care of our envir­on­ment.