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Vision statement

I do believe many of us are aware how much shit is in the world and how our lives in many ways are controlled and affected by the corporate masters and intoxicated gamblers at Wall St..

At the same time, a common thing I hear from people is “there is not much we can do about it”, “it’s all too much” and more so “are my personal actions going to help?”

So first and foremost – drop the belief in your insignificance. Drop it now. This is part of the program to disempower us.

We all count, each an every one of actions count. Your small action, and my small action and together all the   small pieces of action become a big piece of action.

There is so much we can do, every day, every moment; be it by altering our ways of thinking, be it with our tangible actions in the world.

If you think there is nothing wrong with our relationship to the earth and to each other, then I dare say you are an idiot.

If you believe the way we run our society is fair, normal and free then you must be a fascist, worshipping the likes of Mussolini and Mr Bush.

If you know how fucked it is and you have lost hope for change, I call upon you to re-think, re-feel, re-dream your life.

And yes, the first thing to do is to dream… and dream big. We need to envision within our being the world we want and stop focusing too much on the world we don’t want. In the language of today; we need to program a new operating system for humanity since the one we a running is full of viruses… This said, it does mean that we abandon resistance, not at all, though with our focus on the dream, the vision, the world we know is our birthright –

Our resistance become more joyful, as the trust in our creation is anchored in action.

So yes, we do boycott, and we do protest and we sign petitions, and we lobby and at the same time, we plant trees, we nurture gardens, we create community, we drop as much as we can out of the financial loop and create local alternatives for bartering and exchange.

And last but not least, we make an effort to support the less fortunate. Service, giving, volunteering is one of the surest ways to instant human empowerment. God, Godliness, Spirit, Union, Enlightenment – remain mere words when they are devoid of action!

We will list here our ideas of resistance, of affirmative action, of earth and social renewal. Please see this as an open forum and offer your ideas, contacts and visions to be added and acknowledged.