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Season´s Greetings


Dear friends,

Xmas is upon us again. And all over the world people will celebrate the birthday of Yeshua from Nazareth.
‘I Crow River’ received a Christmas gift as well in the form of an endorsement and forward from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
In essence Jesus’s message and the call in “I Crow River’ are one and the same, a message of true revolution born of love and compassion.
‘I Crow River’ storyline , narrates a message of hope, urgency’ love and adventure..
It will challenge, make you laugh and cry, ignite a fire in your heart and hopefully inspire you to transform within and be an agent of change in the world.
So, go for it, get a copy for yourself or your friends, it might be the most meaningful gift you got this Christmas, and of course, don’t forget to celebrate whatever you do.
You can get a paperback or e-book from any online outlets such as amazon and others or an e-book from this site.
Have a good one


The book, “I Crow River” by Jaman Tree,  is on  the need for caring for our planet, our only home.
It challenges us to question  whether we are doing all we can to avert the environmental catastrophe unfolding before us.
I  agree  with  the author  and  feel  that  the  increasingly frequent  environmental  disasters  of recent  years  are  our mother earth´s warning of what awaits us if we do not take care of our environment.